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Swords and Sorcery : Peregrine’s Song

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Swords and Sorcery – Peregrine’s Song V 1.07 (License: Freeware!)


Note: By freeware I mean no adware, no signups, just a free download! v1.07 just out!

If you’ve experienced the thrill of old-style 3D perspective adventure gaming, you know how those pioneer games could spark your imagination and immerse you in great worlds without the need for ample graphics. Today’s games show everything and leave little to the player’s imagination but the grinding.

If you haven’t experienced it, then you must, and you can! I created such a game just to make sure you didn’t miss out on that life-changing experience :)

If you have, I am sure that you are burning to rediscover the feeling of being gripped with the anticipation of solving the next quest, mapping the next region, and picturing the world you are travelling and its inhabitants.

Peregrine’s Song takes you through 30 maps, indoor and outdoor, castles, mines, enchanted forests, cursed swamps, jagged mountains and cities. Foes will stand in your way, including orcs, kobolds, wyverns, undead, bandits and dragons, and friends will help you acquire the strength to unravel and destroy an insidious evil that is slowly binding the world to its will.

Peregrine's Song
Peregrine’s Song


  • 30 intricate mazes to visit (indoor, outdoor, underground)
  • Elaborate old school combat system
  • ~50 monsters, 50 items, 20 NPCs
  • Rich storyline
  • Auto-mapping for easy exploration
  • Tame the great condor & fly for the game’s final stretch!
  • A full fledged game, comparable in size to the greatest 3D perspective pioneer adventure games from the 80s!


Video preview
(this shows a previous release, some changes have been made since)





Explore 30 maps, indoor and outdoor
Explore 30 maps, indoor and outdoor
The Rat King is but one of dozens of foes

The Rat King is but one of dozens of foes

Outdoor view, mountain environment Outdoor view, mountain environment

Click here to Download


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